Token Ibis Will Enable New Economic Activity

Although it’s an incredibly simple idea, Token Ibis can potentially create a ripple effect throughout local economies and eventually the entire world. Much of this new economic activity might come as a surprise even to us, but below are a few of the more obvious ways that Token Ibis can change how people transact with each other in the new philanthropy economy.

Frictionless Donations

It’s difficult enough to convince people to make charitable donations as it is… add outdated payment methods to the equation and there’s no doubt many could-be donations are being lost every day. At its most basic level, the Token Ibis app makes charitable giving more likely to occur simply by making it super easy and convenient for everybody with a smartphone.


Today’s most popular crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Kickstarter have already become quite successful. But when it comes to charity, they fall well short of the ideal. Token Ibis can usher in a new era of charitable fundraising for one big reason: ZERO service fees! Apart from payment processor fees (i.e. Swift/Paypal/etc.) all money raised through Ibis goes to the non-profit.

New Business Models

The possibilities here are practically endless, but we’ll share just one that we find particularly exciting: Token Ibis casinos. They could resemble today’s casinos in every way, except the only currency used to buy chips or to cash them out is Token Ibis (and that goes for both players and the casino itself.) Win or lose, if you go to a Token Ibis casino you’ll leave feeling good about yourself.  

No Social Stigma

We may not realize it, but plain old money isn’t actually useful in every situation. For example, many people might feel strangely about accepting money from a close friend in exchange for a favor, like helping them move or giving them a ride across town. With Token Ibis, all that stigma is washed away and the gift of philanthropy can be given to anybody in any situation.