What We Believe

Philanthropy is the most positive economic force in the world. In the fight against challenges such as extreme poverty abroad and failing education at home, society looks toward the nonprofit sector to lead the way to a better world. However, with rising inequality, less people have ability to participate in charitable giving than ever before.

Our mission at Token Ibis is to push a new narrative. We believe that the right to social impact belongs to everyone. Philanthropy touches all of society, and it’s time that we have a voice in the future we want to build.

The Big Picture: Universal Basic Philanthropy

Under Universal Basic Philanthropy, everybody gets a free charity dividend to donate to your favorite cause. What would you do with $150 a month to change the world? What if you could give this money to your friends and family to help them support their causes? 

At Token Ibis, we’re using economic ideas to bring people together. A small charity dividend might not seem like much in a world of billionaire philanthropists. But in the hands of millions of people, it can enable change that reflects the real values we hold.

Re-imagining Social Impact

Token Ibis is thinking big. Very big. Our belief is that these ideas will go worldwide someday… but for now, it’s all happening right here. We tried writing down everything there is to write about the three main pillars of the vision. But we know you’ll be buzzing with ideas of your own, and we can’t wait to hear about themJoin the think tank! 

How We Can Get There

What can we do to make all of this happen? The answer is: a lot. Before Universal Basic Philanthropy can become “Universal”, we need to prove that it works at a small scale first. So let’s show that it works right here, right now.

As registered 501(c)(3) organization, our mission is to build the conceptual, organizational, and technological framework to further the movement, beginning with the world’s first community-level experiment.

Pilot Project: Albuquerque, NM

Our team of volunteers has deep roots in the 505, and we can think of no better place to trial run the future of philanthropy than in the valley beneath the Sandia Mountains. If you’re in Albuquerque and want to get involved, we are always looking for more volunteers! And if you’d like to support Ibis financially, we’re also accepting donations. But keep in mind that you’re not donating to us — Ibis is 100% volunteer-run. Instead, every penny we receive will be used to kick-start the movement through giveaways to students at Albuquerque schools and colleges. Ibis is about using money to bring people together. Join the movement, and let’s start something special.