This user agreement is a contract between you and Token Ibis. By creating an account with Token Ibis, you agree to follow the terms and conditions stated in this user agreement. You also agree to comply with the privacy policy stated below. We reserve the right to change the policies for this agreement at any time.


Opening an account on the Token Ibis application allows you to do the following:

  • Receive a weekly Universal Basic Philanthropy distribution (called philanthropy dollars).
  • Give philanthropy dollars to organizations.
  • Post on the Token Ibis forum
  • Engage with other users and organizations
  • Earn more philanthropy dollars by interacting with Bots

Deposit Statement:

Part I

You may not withdraw any money you receive or deposit into your Token Ibis account. Only registered organizations may cash out philanthropy dollars as standard USD to perform their tax-exempt business operations. However, Token Ibis retains the right to modify balances and issue USD refunds as necessary in response to unforeseen administrative events.

Part II

Token Ibis retains the right to implement and alter the distribution algorithms in any way that promotes engagement, security, and fairness.

Token Ibis Organization Responsibilities

Token Ibis is responsible for handling and transferring your money (converted to philanthropy) both safely and securely. Token Ibis also is responsible for due diligence to ensure that organizations are legitimate nonprofits committed to fulfilling their tax-exempt purposes.

User Responsibilities

You are responsible for maintaining control of any IDs, passwords, or codes that you use to access your Token Ibis account. You may close your Token Ibis account at any time without any cost to you. However, if your account has any philanthropy dollars in it at the time of closing, you may not convert this back to currency in compliance with the currency conversion statement above.

Privacy Policy

Token Ibis collects and uses personal data from users in order to improve the user experience of the application and to study how the application contributes to the Universal Basic Philanthropy theory that it aims to support. In addition, we retain the right to share user data with other organizations for research purposes. Any formal studies that arises from such collaborations will be overseen by an Institutional Review Board to ensure ethical behavior.

Facebook Data Deletion

In accordance with Facebook’s privacy policy, users who use Facebook social login may request deletion of Token Ibis data by sending an email to